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Children go through the most critical growth phases of oral development, including teeth and jaw development. The proper development of the jaws and teeth of children contribute to good oral health throughout their life, which in turn reflect in their overall health and development.

Welcome to Camberwell Road Dental – the preferred family dental clinic of Camberwell.

It is important to ensure that your kid is getting proper dental examination and care from the moment their first tooth erupts. As a leading group of kids dentists in Camberwell, we know various factors that contribute to the proper growth and development of the teeth, jaws, and gums of your child.

The First Visit

During your child’s initial dental visit, our dentists will make a visual inspection to their gums, teeth, and jawbones. This helps us to ensure that your kid gets proper oral development, identify anything unusual, and provide any required treatment solutions.

The dentists will also analyse any potential threats of dental decay and educate your child about the importance of good oral hygiene. We will also teach your child the technique of proper brushing and flossing and the importance of healthy nutrition for teeth.

After the initial visit, you will be advised to bring your child for regular dental check-ups every six months. This helps us to identify potential issues that hinder oral growth and development and provide treatment solutions to address the issues.

A Fun, Gentle Treatment Experience

As a leading clinic in Camberwell for children’s dentistry, we are committed to providing a pleasant, fun, and gentle experience to your child. With a number of fun games and activities, we will take your child through the examination and ensure that your child gets a comfortable consultation and treatment experience.

Our dentists, as well as our office staff, will make a friendly relationship with your child and notice any habits that can affect their oral health, including nail chewing, thumb sucking, or mouth breathing.

Your Child’s Oral Health Is Our Priority

Do you know prolonged thumb sucking and nail chewing can affect the development of jaws and teeth of your child? We will encourage them to reduce the thumb sucking and stop mouth breathing. Our dentists will also educate you on how to achieve that through various techniques.

The oral health of your child is our priority, and we help you to achieve it through oral hygiene and a balanced diet. Our dentists will recommend fissure sealants to your kid if they are prone to dental decay. These protective coatings will cover the deep grooves or fissures of the teeth of your child to prevent dental decay.

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