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Dental Crown Treatment In Camberwell To Restore Your Confident Smile

Are you searching for options to restore your broken, chipped, or missing tooth and bring back the confident smile on your face? Do you want to strengthen your tooth that is decayed or weakened due to injury?

Welcome to Camberwell Road Dental – the single destination for all your dental worries.

We offer dental crowns and bridges to a range of dental issues such as missing, broken, or chipped tooth.

What Are Dental Crowns & Bridges?

Dental crowns are a type of dental cap that is placed on broken, chipped, or decayed teeth to strengthen them. At Camberwell Road Dental, we offer dental crowns in either porcelain or zirconia that exactly match the colour of your natural tooth. With us, you can also choose metal-fused porcelain crowns to further enhance strength and durability.

Dental bridges are an ideal option if you want to replace a missing tooth without undergoing an invasive procedure. During the procedure, the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are prepped to anchor the dental bridge to them. However, this option can only work if you have natural teeth on both the sides of your missing teeth.

Advantages Of Choosing Dental Crowns & Bridges

  • Dental crowns and bridges aesthetically appeal to people with its natural tooth colour.
  • The custom-made dental crowns and bridges can function like your original teeth – no restrictions.
  • These are stain-resistant and highly durable, and therefore, you get the best value for your dental crowns.
  • Compared to other tooth replacement options, dental crowns and bridges are cheaper.
  • Dental crowns and bridges have a relatively quick, non-invasive procedure, and it is the choice for people who need an immediate solution for their missing tooth.

The Treatment Procedure

As a leading destination for crown treatment in Camberwell, we offer dental crowns and bridge treatment solutions in two visits, or more if required. During the initial visit, we will prepare the tooth or adjacent teeth, based on if you choose crowns or bridges, to make the dental crown fitted. We will also take the impressions of your teeth to prepare your dental crown or bridge.

During the follow-up visit, we will examine the condition of your teeth and fit the crown or bridge over the tooth or in place of the missing tooth. After we see it ideally fits in place your tooth, we will cement the bridge or crown to function like a permanent tooth.

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