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Composite Tooth Filling In Camberwell

Tooth fillings are the preferred choice for dentists as well as patients to ensure full use of natural teeth with decay or cavities. Traditional silver fillings were the only choice for dentistry for several years, but the unattractiveness of the metal fillings brought more popularity for tooth-coloured composite fillings.

Are you searching for dental clinics with natural tooth fillings in Camberwell to restore your tooth without choosing metal fillings?

We welcome you to Camberwell Road Dental with a commitment to provide the most desired dental treatment solutions to our patients.

We offer tooth filling and repairing services using white composite resin fillings that come exactly in the same colour of your tooth.

What Makes Composite Tooth Filling Popular

In addition to the natural tooth-like colour, composite resin fillings are the choice for most people today with a number of benefits:

  • Compared to amalgam fillings, composite fillings require less drilling. This means that your natural tooth is not weakened during the process.
  • These fillings quickly bond with your existing teeth and harden, in less than a minute.
  • Compared to amalgam fillings, patients face reduced risks of tooth sensitivity. This is due to the resin insulates hot and cold temperatures.
  • Dentists can quickly identify degradation of composite fillings, due to chewing and teeth grinding, and easily repair the damages.
  • These fillings can also be used to fix cracks and chips on teeth. The quick bonding, tooth-coloured appearance, and durability make composite fillings the ideal choice for visible cracks and chips on your teeth.

The Treatment Process

As a leading clinic for tooth fillings in Camberwell, we provide you with fast treatment service in a number of steps:

  • Our dentists will give you local anaesthesia to numb around the tooth to help you manage with the pain of the process.
  • They will then drill any decay and shape the tooth to put the filling.
  • The dentists will clean and etch the tooth with an acid gel before placing the filling.
  • Our dentists will layer the resin and make it harden using a bright light.
  • After the tooth filling is placed, your dentist will polish the tooth to make it fully functional.

Note that tooth filling usually takes 15 minutes, and your composite fillings can last up to five years.

Hassel-Free Treatment Experience

As a leading dental clinic in Camberwell, we offer a hassle-free treatment experience to our patients from the moment you contact us for the consultation until the follow-up visit after the treatment.

Everyone at our clinic, including our dentists and supporting staff, are trained to offer a friendly, professional service experience to our patients. They are passionate about creating a personalised, healing environment at our clinic with proper communication in every stage.

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