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Save Your Tooth With Root Canal Treatment In Camberwell

Tooth infection and decay, dental trauma, gum disease, and several other reasons contribute to dental conditions that demand the removal of a tooth. For such people, root canal treatment is an ideal treatment choice to save their decayed tooth and restore its full strength.

Are you searching for clinics that provide qualified root canal treatment in Camberwell? Camberwell Road Dental offers quality dental treatment solutions for Melbourne residents.

As a leading destination for endodontics in Camberwell, we use the latest technology and our expertise to provide excellent treatment results to our patients.

What Is A Root Canal?

Each tooth has multiple layers, and the inner layer – a natural cavity – at the centre of the tooth is called the root canal. It contains a pulp chamber, blood vessels, and tooth nerves that support the functioning and growth of the tooth until you reach adulthood.

For various reasons, such as infection, the pulp in the root canal gets damaged and leads to dental decay. People with infected pulp or damaged tooth nerves should seek immediate treatment as we can save it from complete decay and tooth pain.

Root Canal Treatment

In root canal treatment, we remove the infected pulp from the pulp chamber of the patient’s tooth. Furthermore, we clean the pulp chamber and extract the tooth nerves and blood vessels to numb the tooth pain. Note that infected pulp and damaged blood vessels and nerves cause severe pain and extraction of the nerves and blood vessels saves the patient from such pain.

We drill a hole to the tooth of the patients to remove the pulp and extract the nerves and blood vessels. We also use anti-bacterial solutions to remove any bacteria and microbes from the tooth cavity. After cleaning the root canal, we seal it with fillers to give healthy, strong tooth to our patients.

These Signs Mean You May Need Root Canal Treatment

At Camberwell Road Dental, we offer painless, smooth treatment service experience to our patients. We use modern endodontic technology and anaesthesia to offer a virtually painless root canal treatment experience.

Our qualified endodontists and supporting staff will ensure you a smooth treatment experience from the moment you contact us. We will examine your tooth for its strength during the treatment and protect it with porcelain crown if required.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before you proceed with undergoing any type of invasive procedure, seek a second opinion from a qualified health practitioner.

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