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Dental Check-Up And Cleaning Services In Camberwell

Regular dental check-ups and cleaning are critical for your oral health as well as overall health. It saves your teeth from decay, protects your gums from infections and diseases, saves you from the degradation of jawbones, and safeguard you from several other potential oral issues.

Are you searching for an experienced scale and clean dentist in Camberwell for regular check-ups and clean services?

Welcome to Camberwell Road Dental. We offer a thorough assessment of your jaw alignment, tooth structure, gum health, your occlusion, and much more. We will identify factors that pose a threat to your oral health, discuss the treatment options to address them in the best way, and provide you with treatment solutions.

The Check-Up And Cleaning Process

Conducting regular dental check-up and cleaning every six months is critical for ensuring your long-term oral health. At Camberwell Road Dental, our dentists will check for any cavities, plaque formation, or presence of tartar on your teeth.

They will also check your gums to see whether the space between your gums and teeth are shallow. If it is deep, that indicates you may be prone to gum disease and need immediate treatment and care. Our dentists regularly check the throat, tongue, neck, and face of the patients to locate the signs of any swelling and redness for any traces of oral cancer.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

With our dental check-up and cleaning in Camberwell, we use state-of-the-art technology to identify the potential issues and traces of early warnings of dental issues. We take detailed radiographs (x-rays) to identify both existing and potential dental issues of our patients.

Note that we use digital x-rays that emit only 10 per cent of radiation compared to traditional radiographs. Therefore, our patients get safe, faster, and cleaner screening services.

Clean, Scale, And Polish

Note that plaque and tartar on teeth are sticky layers of bacteria that need to be removed and cleaned on a regular basis. At Camberwell Road Dental, we use specialised tools such as ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar without causing any pain. We also perform deep cleaning both below and above the gum line to remove traces of plaque.

As a leading destination for teeth cleaning in Camberwell, we also polish the teeth to remove any stains with the help of a slow-speed handpiece. The tool comes with a soft rubber cup that can spin, smoothen, and polish teeth to leave our patients with shiny, smooth teeth.

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