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Grinding your teeth together is a condition known as “bruxism”. Grinding or clenching your wears down the enamel and exposes the dentin. This makes the affected teeth more sensitive and more prone to decay. Bruxism can give you headaches, a constantly sore jaw and cracked, flattened or loose teeth.

Bruxism either during sleep or waking hours can have a significant negative effects on your dental and oral health. Fortunately, however, our team at Camberwell Road Dental can help protect your teeth while you sleep through the use of a dental splint. Dental splints are specifically designed to absorb the force as you bite down and grind your teeth.

Even though over the counter mouthguards are available, they do not fit your mouth properly and so do not allow you to get a good night’s sleep. They are also usually made of cheap materials and will wear quickly.

At Camberwell Road Dental we offer custom-made splints for both adults and children to fit perfectly with your bite pattern and allow you to rest without wearing down your teeth.

We use the highest quality materials that will help relax your jaw muscles and relieve other symptoms of grinding. Fabricating a splint is an easy process, so call us and make an appointment today.

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