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Painless Tooth Extraction In Camberwell

Welcome to Camberwell Road Dental – the leading name for dentistry services, including emergency tooth extraction services in Melbourne.

Beyond the best efforts of dentists, the extraction of teeth is a reality for many though each permanent tooth is meant to last a lifetime. In such situations, your only option is to extract the tooth safely, without complicating your oral health.

At Camberwell Road Dental, we offer painless, safe, and quick tooth extraction in Camberwell and provide restorative treatment solutions to bring back the complete functionality of the extracted tooth.

Why Does Tooth Extraction Become Necessary?

The following dental conditions lead to the requirement of tooth extraction:

  • Severe gum disease
  • Severe dental decay, beyond repair or restoration
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Vertical root fractures
  • Orthodontic reasons

At Camberwell Road Dental, we examine the teeth of our patients and take all the steps to avoid the extraction as we want to save each tooth if possible. Note that extraction can be part of other orthodontic procedures, such as the Invisalign® treatment.

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